Community Benefit encompasses the activities that the hospitals enact to address community health needs. Activities include financial assistance provided to patients unable to afford care, education for health professionals, donations and support of community health-related efforts, care for Medicaid recipients, subsidized services, community-based research and strategies that engage the hospital in addressing community needs. All of community benefit is tracked through the resources committed to community health improvement including time, talent and direct expense.

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During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, COVID-19 presented many challenges to community benefit for the hospitals. The hospitals witnessed decreased opportunities for work in the community, suspension of guests and visitors within the facilities, and decreased students spending time with professionals within units. However, throughout the pandemic, UofL Health was able to shift its community benefit to addressing the most prevalent need, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to curtail illness transmission. Throughout the year, UofL Health was able to remain a strong partner in the community and continue to provide high-quality care.

2021 Overall Community Benefit for UofL Health

*Expenses related to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations in the community are not included in total community benefit