Church partnerships

UofL Health established relationships with more than 20 local churches to ensure access to the COVID-19 vaccines in minority communities. By empowering churches to sign up their own members and neighbors, we improved assurances the vaccine stayed in the intended neighborhoods.

Remote patient monitoring

To improve care for those with chronic conditions, UofL Health is utilizing remote patient monitoring. Using smart technology and apps, vital signs are monitored and shared with the provider. The up-to-date data allows the provider to customize care and make additional recommendations between appointments.

Mobile cancer screenings

When it comes to cancer, early detection increases treatment options and saves lives. UofL Health’s Brown Cancer Center Mobile Screening Unit conducts more than 100 screening events a year with an emphasis on Medically Underserved Areas, including west Louisville. UofL Health can screen for cervical, colon, lung and breast cancers with the mobile unit.

Stop the Bleed

Members of UofL Hospital’s trauma team offer free Stop the Bleed courses to teach people simple steps they can take in an emergency situation to stop life-threatening bleeding. In 2020, we conducted nine community training sessions in west Louisville.

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