Every three years, each acute care hospital within UofL Health conducts a community health needs assessment and develops implementation strategies to address chosen priorities. Community health needs assessments (CHNA) support our purpose to enhance the health of people in the communities we serve by identifying health needs in these communities and prioritizing the allocation of hospital resources to meet those needs. Additionally, the completion of these reports and subsequent approval and adoption by the Board of Directors complies with CHNA requirements mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and federal tax-exemption requirements.

We are pleased to present this report documenting this important work. Improving the health status of Kentuckians is a big job. If we are successful, all our citizens will be the winners — as will generations to come.

Current reports

2023-2025 Community Health Needs Assessment

2023-2025 Community Health Needs Assessment: Implementation Strategies

Past reports

2020-2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

2020-2022 Community Health Needs Assessment: Implementation Strategies

2017-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

2017-2019 Implementation Strategy