Head and Neck Multidisciplinary TeamHead and neck cancer (which includes cancers of the throat, thyroid, trachea and voice box), accounts for about 4 percent of all cancers in the United States. Within a year, an estimated 63,030 people (46,290 men and 16,740 women) will develop head and neck cancer.

The good news is that when you choose the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Team at Brown Cancer Center, you are choosing the facility that offers the latest in surgical techniques, radiation therapy, drug therapies and clinical trials. We see the largest volume of head and neck cancer patients in the Western Kentucky region, which means we see more patients that may have a similar diagnosis to yours and have more specialized expertise because of it.

Our physicians use innovative technologies, such as the daVinci robot, image-modulated radiation therapy and personalized medicine to provide our patients with the best possible chance of a cure. We are the only site in Louisville and the Western Kentucky area that can offer Transoral Robotic Surgery, a minimally invasive approach.

When you enter treatment at Brown Cancer Center, you will be provided with the highest level of clinical cancer care in the region, access to the latest cancer research and the benefits of a team-focused, multidisciplinary approach, coordinated by a nurse navigator.

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